Iskandar Blue

At the National Gallery of Singapore, I came across the works of Iskandar Jalil - master potter/ceramist, who dedicated many decades of his life to the craft. His clay ceramics were on display in a fluid, easy to walk through and extremely viewer friendly gallery space. There were more than 150 pieces on display and each one had a quirky twist to it. Fresh, quirky and fascinating, Jalil's works are inspired by philosophies from across continents - especially the beauty in imperfection and transience of wabi sabi. Influenced and inspired by stories from Scandinavia, Japan, South East Asia, Middle East and more, his work was simply awesome.

And the one thing that stood out for me, apart from the above mentioned awesomeness - was the special Blue Glaze that seemed to be a recurring element in his creative works - apparently referred to as the 'Iskandar Blue'.

Iskandar Blue - quirky and interesting, reminded me of some Persian/North African stories for some strange reason, full of life, bold and confident, and with a tinge of 'don't take life so seriously' attitude.

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