Cult Modern - Brand Positioning, Colour Palette, Identity & Design

Cult Modern is a premium boutique fashion and lifestyle store with a vignette vogue mood, set in Napier Street, Fort Kochi and housing a curated selection of brands like Abraham & Thakore, Raw Mango, Purearth, Tribe by Amrapali, Eka, Payal Khandwala, Itoh, Earth Loaf, White Champa and more.

We have taken inspiration from the twilight zone, ensuring the mood of the colour palette stays true to the brand - understated elegance, sophistication, premium, classic yet contemporary. The colour palette, the brand world, the brand mood and the custom made typeface are all staying true to that realm between the old and the new, the overlap between the classic and the contemporary and taking inspiration from the creative springboard for the same - the twilight zone.


The Colour Palette: Pacific (a deep blue - green) and Crabapple (a mature peachy pink) are the dominant colours, while Light Beige and Gingerbread (the classic tan) are the support colours and Aged Gold is the accent colour.

image1 (1).jpeg
image2 (1).jpeg

The custom made typeface is also an in between - between classic typefaces and modern typefaces, with a bit of a serif and inspired by the contemporary sans serifs, with thick and thin weights.

The insignia is a jewel like elegant icon created using the initials - C and M.

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Susan Mathen