The Julieta Palette

Bold reds, greens, blues and yellows

Bold reds, greens, blues and yellows

We have all been posturing ourselves and putting out a carefully curated portrayal of our own lives to the world at large, through social media and through everything we say and express. We at Hue & Why have identified a cultural shift from 'this attempt to be proper and postured' to 'an uninhibited acceptance and celebration of all emotions'.

Emotions that are felt by every single human being, but those that are hidden and controlled due to years of being told that one should 'manage their emotions'. Wild passion, sensual love, carnal desires, crazy vengeance, loud bravado, uncontrolled anger and more such emotions. Today the thinking seems to imply that there is no need to hide any emotion.  

How this gets translated into the colour world - generous usage of bold colours, a reflection of all emotions - passion, hope, despair, guilt, envy. Revisiting the colourful palettes of the Latin American and Spanish cultures, getting inspired by the influences from these regions. 

Not just the passionate reds, but also the mourning, depressed tones of blue and the hope and optimism of yellows. The madness of the Van Gogh yellows or the sad tones of Picasso's blue period. They are all back. 

This palette is a tribute to the idea of a brave view of life, of living without fear, of embracing both the perfect and the imperfect, of expressing real emotions. This palette is all about uninhibition. About a life that meanders through ups and downs, through happiness and sorrow. A life that is not muted, but vivid with emotions. Not shying away from even the so called negative emotions. 

We have named this palette, The Julieta Palette.

A recent movie by Pedro Almodovar, Julieta stays true to his bold usage of colours to bring alive life and all it encompasses - passion, love, death, tragedy, confusion, loneliness.

Susan Mathen