The Slow Palette

The Trend that drives this colour palette: The Slow Movement.

Being burnt out and brain dead, zipping through the fast food culture and the chaotic city life, people are making a conscious choice to slow down their lives. This is causing the cultural shift towards a more simple slow way of living. Where you find joy in the smaller things in life, not necessarily extremely glamorous or monetarily rewarding. But enriching and fulfilling nonetheless. 

'The Slow' Palette is not old fashioned or retro, it is extremely modern and chic, but the philosophy behind this palette is made up of colours that are reminiscent of an era where one can take the time to eat, to take a walk, to think or to dream. Where there is no mad rush for everything. Where there is no constant pinging of calendar invites or whatsapp notifications. Where one can truly get lost in the beauty of life. This palette is minimal, earthy yet contemporary, with a generous usage of neutrals. 

Susan Mathen