The Roosegarde Palette

What is driving this colour palette: Pollution.

Most of the ASEAN regions are facing the issue of pollution. It is getting worse and worse with each passing year. In a lot of emerging markets and developing nations, consumers are trying hard to beat pollution - beauty brands are reciprocating this need by launching new variants that promise anti pollution benefits and protection against the ill effects of pollution.

There seems to be a crazy aspiration to appear 'beyond pollution'. This could translate to clean, tidy, well put together on one hand, and it could stretch to mean pristine, luxurious, sparkling, sophisticated on the other hand. This results in a cold, distant feeling that is translated into the colours in this palette. 

This palette is named after a Dutch designer and architect who proposed an idea to convert smog to diamonds, and how the proceeds of selling these diamonds could be used to fight pollution again - Daan Roosegarde. 

Susan Mathen