The Fragmented Palette

As a result of constant relocation and moving around for studies, career, relationships, most of us today have lived in more than a few cities. We have memories from different places, favourite restaurants and people living in various cities and towns. We end up having a fragmented sense of self. And a general confusion in terms of where we are from, and what makes us who we are.

This gives us a constant sense of longing for some times in the past. It is not about regrets, but a feeling that some part of your life is from some other place. This trend is associated with nostalgia, being unsettled, reminiscing about the past and a certain sense of melancholy.

We associate this with the images of taking an old frame or photograph off the wall, the patches left on walls and tables by objects when they are moved, sepia tones, browning edges, old paper, etc.

Susan Mathen