The Hygge Palette

This palette is derived from the cultural trend of a growing sense of gloom and hopelessness in the world, in the events that are happening around us, in the leadership, in politics, in environmental catastrophes, in climate change and much more - and from this space of despair there is a need for a cozy, warm and secure place. People are looking for warmth, for trust, for the feeling of being comfortable being yourself. They want a small group - family or friends - who will not judge, who will not criticise, who will give a warm hug, who will take the effort to do small things for you, just to see you smile.

The name of this palette is derived from the Danish word Hygge, which is one of those beautiful words with no direct translation to English. It is a feeling you get when you sip a cup of hot chocolate, when you unwrap a brown paper package that someone has wrapped lovingly for you, when you smell a home made cake being baked with fondness, when you walk into a room of people you love.

Susan Mathen