Colour Strategy for Variant Packaging: Cookies

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To arrive at a variant packaging strategy for cookies, a detailed analysis was undertaken by Hue & Why.

The category of cookies and biscuits was analysed to understand how offerings across different price segments are in terms of packaging colour. While there are other factors that also come into play, colour tones and tints also seem to follow a pattern when it comes to different price strata. 

Colour based competition packaging analysis revealed that there are some category norms that different players seem to adhere to. But at the same time, there are certain new entrants in the cookies category that are breaking the category norms with clutter breaking colour usage for different variants. While the logic behind this is debatable (the fact that consumers have over the years become conditioned to certain colours for certain variants vs. the usage of never seen before colours or colour clusters helping to grab the consumers' attention in shopping aisles), it is worth noting that there are new colour codes emerging in this category of food packaging. There is also a difference between how international brands are sticking to their colour practises from their home countries and how local brands are following an unsaid category norm true to this country/region. 

Consumer perceptions are formed as a result of two factors - innate or intuitive colour associations from their childhood days and newly acquired colour associations as a result of global media exposure and contemporary influences. For example,  the usage of certain shades of blue for food packaging evoke a feeling that it is toxic/poisonous, while some other shades of blue are ok (mostly because over the years they have become used to seeing these shades in packaging).  In some regions certain colours spark off a negative association. While in other regions, the same colours are perfectly acceptable. 

Understanding the brand and brand values, is also critical in crafting the final variant colour strategy for the brand in question. 

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Susan Mathen