Architectural Colour Scheme for Doyen Lotus, Hyderabad

Hue & Why was commission to arrive at a colour scheme for the exterior as well as the common areas of this premium residential apartments project in Hyderabad by Doyen Constructions - Doyen Lotus.

We took the name Lotus as our starting point, and identified Awakening - the world of reaching a higher mental state, of being spiritually awakened and more open and fresh in one’s thinking. The moodboard, palette and how it is brought alive in the spaces is given below.

The colours chosen are: Iris Impact, Garden Moss, Forest Foliage and Ocean Spray with a Wood Finish accent.

These have been brought alive with a colour blocking approach in the common area spaces.

doyen lotus 7.jpg
doyen lotus 6.jpg
doyen lotus 1.jpg
Doyen Lotus 9.jpg
doyen lotus 4.jpg
doyen lotus 5.jpg
Susan Mathen