Environmental Graphics Project: Ratnaakar Builders, Ahmedabad

Environmental graphic design for Ratnaakar builders corporate office in Ahmedabad.

Using a Colour Palette inspired by the actual buildings in construction, we have created a set of large size art prints for walls of the executive cabins. The treatment of the photographs, the proportions of the colours in the palette, is a metaphor for the might, strength and robustness of the structures as well as that of brand Ratnaakar. The composition is an interplay of geometric forms, negative spaces, light and shadow.

Creative direction & Photography by George Abraham.

Ratnaakar 1.jpg
Ratnaakar 2.jpg
Ratnaakar 3.jpg
Ratnaakar 4.jpg
Ratnaakar 5.jpg
Ratnaakar 6.jpg
Ratnaakar 7.jpg
Ratnaakar 9.jpg
Susan Mathen