2017 Colour of the Year: Review

So 2016 has come to a close. Numerologically speaking, 2016 adds up to 9, which is the last numeral, thus it signifies the end of a cycle, an era, a project, a phase and so on. 2017, therefore is the harbinger of something new - a fresh start - as it totals to 1. Not that I believe in numerology, but I like the thought of new beginnings. :)
Here is a review of some of the 'Colours of the Year' for 2017 as given by some of the top global colour and paint authorities.


Greenery from Pantone:

Just a few months back, I met a friend of mine and she mentioned that 'green' seems to have disappeared from the world of lifestyle, retail and brands. We had a lovely discussion on how green should be making a comeback this year. And here we are: Pantone has declared 'Greenery' as the 2017 Colour of the Year. (To be fair, my friend and I were talking about a deeper bolder green, so we were not quite bang on).

Greenery from Pantone, is also a reflection of new beginnings, and fresh starts. It is the colour of the young tender new shoots and leaves. It is more yellow than blue. It is full of life, brimming with hope and optimism. It is a breath of fresh air and a lease of new life.

The attempt to bring more green into the world of those who are spending most of their time in air-conditioned malls and white walled corporate offices, is also an attempt to compensate for the lack of interaction with nature and the real 'green'.

The Verdict:
This is a bold colour choice. It seems to be the right direction and the logic behind the choice seems quite credible as well. It is not the colour of choice for a lot of people, when it comes to clothes, accessories, interiors or automobiles (most people choose neutrals - blue, brown, beige, black, grey and white; and even the pop of colour is usually warmer colours - red, orange, pink or yellow). But when you think of it, 'Greenery' seems to be a colour that could be a great pop of colour in a modern, otherwise minimalist colour palette. It could also be a great accompanying colour with other bright colours. Looking forward to see how it shapes colour choices across industries.
In other words - thumbs up from my end. :)


Denim Drift From Dulux

Denim Drift from Dulux/AkzoNobel is more grey than blue, though you expect it to be more blue from the name. The accompanying 'recommended colour palette' seems to be more Denim Drift than the Colour of the Year itself. It is a soothing colour and can be paired with a multitude of other colours. But Denim Drift comes alive only when the entire palette is used along with it.

Denim as the inspiration is something that seems to be relevant across years. The Colour Palette has an entire spectrum of blues - dark, light, bright and greyish.

The Verdict:
This is not something drastically different or fresh. For a paint company like Dulux, this seems to be the safe zone to operate in. As mentioned earlier, most people tend to prefer neutrals and blue is the colour that is most often mentioned as 'the favourite colour' by the majority of people. It seems like they were not ready to take a stance, even within this world of blue. The entire spectrum of blue is given in the Denim Drift inspirations, so much so that it took a while for me to figure out what the actual Denim Drift colour was.
My point of view on this - Neutral. This colour palette cannot go wrong, but the colour per se is boring, and in my opinion, the denim narrative is not the most dominant narrative today.

Other Colours of the Year that caught my Eye:

Poised Taupe from Sherwin Williams

Poised Taupe is a great neutral. It is earthy and is inspired by the need to destress and go back to a simple cozy lifestyle. It is woody, it is soil, it is rooted, it is everything in nature that is brown.

The Verdict: Poised Taupe itself, is a new name, but similar colours have already been seen over the past few years. But it looks like it is here to stay.
I give this shade a thumbs up.


Violet Verbena from PPG

Violet Verbena seems to be a bit dated. Such greyish purples were a rage some years back. It is today, the preferred purple for those who opt for a unisex purple. It is not too feminine nor too masculine. It is not too delicate nor too royal. This colour is the right amount of luxury, it is subtle not gaudy, and it is well balanced.

The Verdict: Blah.
To me this is outdated. And boring. Maybe it is a personal opinion, but these attempts at making unisex versions of colours that are seemingly skewed towards one gender is so passe.

A point to keep in mind:
Clearly the 'Colour of the Year' choices of the paint companies are more safe. They tend to be neutrals or else, a safe warm shade. Even the Violet from PPG is rather timid. Pantone, on the other hand, seems to have the liberty to take a bold stance.

Susan Mathen