PoV on Marsala: Pantone Colour of the Year 2015

Pantone's Colour for 2015: Marsala.

'Earthy wine red'.

Inspired by the wine of the same colour from the Marsala region in Sicily, Italy.

The colour, in my opinion, is a supporting actor, not the hero. And probably that is the role it is supposed to play. 

It does not shout out, it does not crave for attention.  Yet it could easily fit into one's wardrobe, home, accessories, cars, gadgets, makeup and more. Lots of possibilities for design and fashion. Could work for both genders. Could be great on hair, nails, lips and eyelids.It is a colour that can be paired with a number of other colours, like greys, blacks, beiges, whites (obviously) or even metallic colours, or blues, teals, or even certain greens. It can easily be a part of home decor as it is not something that is too overpowering that you would feel like getting rid of it after a while. It is that colour that can coexist comfortably with most of the stuff you currently have.

Precisely for that matter, Marsala seems to be too 'safe' a colour of the year. It seems heavy, dated and a bit too serious. Compared to the previous 5 years' colours of the year - radiant orchid, emerald, tangerine tango, honeysuckle, turquoise - this seems a bit too weak. It seems like an attempt to please everyone. It is like a brand that is talking to everyone, trying to reach out to all age groups and therefore not having a distinct point of view. 

To me, Marsala seems like old wine in an old bottle. 

Susan Mathen