The Red Velvet Discourse

A few years back, you would find vanilla cakes, chocolate cakes and fruit cakes. That was about it. Then came the brownies or loafs. Last year I read somewhere that 'cupcakes are the new brownies'. And this year I see Red Velvets everywhere. Any dessert cafe that does not have a Red Velvet offering can just bury their heads in shame. Red Velvets have become the new Chocolates!

So what is it about Red Velvets?

The shade of red is extremely important. It is not bright or scary. It is a subtle red, more of a maroon.

It is topped with White frosting usually. The Red and White combination has something about it. The white just stands out on a red background, almost as regally as a diamond ring embedded in a red velvet jewel case.

Red is the colour of love, passion, dynamism and youthfulness. A colour that was not found in desserts, except in the form of cherries. And the taste that one associates with passion and youthfulness over the years, has undoubtedly become chocolate. So here's the brilliant combination of a dash of red in an otherwise normal chocolate cake. And we have the ultimate dessert. It is the latest craze amongst youngsters.

The term velvet only adds to the sensuality of this dessert. The smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture, the perfect colour, the vanilla frosting and the layers or the cupcake avatar all make this a precious little something for special occasions or for special people. An absolute must-have in bakeries and dessert cafes today.

:) In short, red velvet is all about new age exuberant youthfulness and sheer romance. 

Susan Mathen