Crafting Stories with Visuals & Colours

Colours and visuals, like words, help in telling stories. And when you delve into colour and visual meanings, it helps weave better stories. Hue & Why is all about crafting stories with colours & visuals.

Colours and visuals evoke emotions and memories, it influences purchasing decisions, it stimulates the senses and it has conscious and subconscious associations in our minds. It is critical to understand what is the right colour/visual to use for a brand identity so that it conveys the right values. The colour used in the interiors of a cafe, a restaurant or a home helps create the desired mood and feel. The colours used for packaging aids the consumer to make purchasing decisions based on what it triggers in their minds. The visuals chosen for a brand insignia helps bring alive the brand personality. The images used in wall design or in websites help create the intended ambience. The colour palette for an event, a party or a wedding helps to bring alive the effect you want, based on your preferences, the theme and the deep meanings associated in culture.

Colours and visuals are magical, but not for a moment forget that choosing these should be logical as well. 

We are in the business of crafting better stories with the power of colours and visuals.


Colour Strategy and Design Services offered:

  • Colour Palette & Brand Identity Design

  • Colour Strategy for Variant Packaging + Design

  • Architectural Colour Schemes for Exteriors, Interiors

  • Environmental graphics, wall designs, cafe/restaurant graphics

  • Interactive Colour Workshops (for corporate groups, students)

  • Classes on Colour Strategy for Brands (visiting faculty at MICA, Ahmedabad)

  • Colour Palettes for Product Lines, Fashion Lines

  • Colour Trend Research & Design Translations

  • Exhibition Curation

For enquiries on potential projects, collaborations or speaking engagements, call on +91 9916999639 or mail at hueandwhy@gmail.com